MapLarge is fast and secure with an incredibly powerful mapping engine.
Create insightful visualizations and analytics with a simple user interface.
  • Geocoding
    High performance bulk geocoding, geocoding api, consumer grade UI, reverse geocoding and demographic enhancement.
  • Routing
    World wide multi modal routing, drive time, Origin Destination and network analytics tools that scale to real time processing of billions of records per second.
  • Dynamic Aggregation
    Dynamically merge multiple spatial dimensions to produce new aggregate metrics using functions like point in polygon, alpha shapes, Kriging, and nearest neighbor to extract patterns at scale.
  • Real Time Querying
    Filter, join and sub total data using complex SQL statements to re compute totals in real time against trillion record datasets.
  • Data Feeds
    Data Feeds
    Process streaming data at unprecedented scale. Ingest over 1 billion records per second (1million records per second per cpu core).
  • Alerting
    Monitor a list of locations or shapes and get alerted whenever a threshold is crossed.
  • Connectors
    MapLarge has connectors that integrate with: SalesForce, DropBox, SharePoint, Amazon
  • Reporting
    Export instant customizable reports in PDF, PPT, Img, HTML, Excel and CSV format. Share reports instantly.
  • Synchronized Views
    Synchronized Views
    Data Automatically updates to match your data. Be alerted whenever data changes or matches alert conditions.
  • Heat Mapping
    Heat Mapping
    Produce beautiful intuitive visualizations showing the intensity of a dataset based on aggregate subtotals like sum, count and average.
  • Clustering
    Group large clusters of icons into organic clusters, or “griddy” clusters for pattern analysis, snap to preferred nodes like population centers and color and size icons by aggregate totals.
  • Animation
    Animate layers to visualize patterns over time or across other dimensions while retaining full interactivity. Also export animations as Video, GIF or SVG.
  • Private Appliance
    Private Appliance
    The MapLarge api can scale to thousands of cloud servers in distributed data centers, run offline on a tablet or laptop, or on a private appliance behind a firewall.