Make Your Transition Easy

​MapLarge's best-in-class, lightning fast mapping platform is quickly being recognized as a comprehensive alternative to Google Maps Engine. Our high performance mapping solution offers a user friendly web interface for creating maps and managing data. A feature rich API provides access to data via RESTful services and gives developers the ability to create powerful mapping components and applications. With drop-in compatibility, MapLarge is able to maintain all the functionality available in Google Maps Engine while also providing new and exciting features and design tools.

Google Maps Engine MapLarge

The similar services of MapLarge and Google Maps Engine will keep your users comfortable but also give them the added benefit of access to a suite of powerful mapping and visualization tools. Migrate your existing projects to experience the fastest map rendering platform in the industry. MapLarge was built from the ground up to handle extremely large datasets and is entirely dynamic. When making changes to data or styling, the maps and interactives will update instantly to keep end users engaged and able to quickly process visual information.

Map Editor - Simple and Fully Customizable

A basic interface for creating and editing data and maps is provided by Google Maps Engine. MapLarge offers an attractive and simple interface with the ability to access advance features when more customization is needed. Large enterprises, OEMs, government, businesses intelligence users, and big data analysts all rely on the MapLarge Map Editor to design stunning maps and custom visualizations. Experience an editor powerful enough for GIS professionals and developers but easy and intuitive for quick map design and sharing.

Supported Data Formats

MapLarge offers a wide variety of format options for importing existing data and supports all the most widely used geospatial data formats. We like to call ourselves “data agnostic” when it comes to geospatial data types. If you don’t see a spatial data type in the list below, please contact us about custom implementations.
MapLarge Google Maps Engine
Vector: .shp, .csv, .kml, .kmz, .xls, .xlsx, .geojson, .gpx,
.wkt, .shp, .kml, .kmz, .gpx, .dxf, .geojson, .gdb
Raster: .tif, .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp
Vector: .shp, .csv, .kml, .kmz, .tab
Raster: .tif, .hgt, .dem, .bag, .dt0, .dt1, .dt2

MapLarge API - Expanding Mapping Applications

MapLarge offers a comprehensive and well documented API. All features and functionality used by our Map Editor UI are built from the MapLarge JS API. Internal development teams can use the API to customize business applications, mobile applications or build new workflow for internal users. The MapLarge JS API has the added benefits of pre-made components allowing users to customize the map design with minimal HTML and Javascript.

The API utilizes our infrastructure of geo-redundant data centers and generates massive compute power enabling imports of billions of records per second and the ability to perform trillion record aggregate queries in milliseconds. This impressive scalability allows for collaborative interactive analytics and visuals to be used simultaneously by millions of users.

MapLarge can easily enable mobile applications with the same high performance mapping application. 

Google Maps API Toolkit

The Google Maps API is fully supported by MapLarge. All functionality implemented with the Google Maps API can be preserved by changing the source of the data to MapLarge from Google Maps Engine. Google Basemaps, Street View, Directions API, and Traffic API are included in the services.


The MapLarge API only requires a data set with locations and values. Once uploaded the API can dynamically perform point in polygon joins and math functions on the values included within any dataset. Our high-performance Geo Processor can determine sum, average, minimum and maximum values on-the-fly. The output can be either beautiful interactive tiles or raw JSON data.
Drop In Compatible

It is easy to implement and use our maps API with your existing solution. Compatibility with other popular mapping APIs means you can seamlessly switch and get the best imagery and other resources from each system.

Google Authentication with MapLarge

Make the transition from Google Maps Engine to MapLarge easy by continuing to use the Google Authentication system. Users with Google Enterprise accounts can sign in to their MapLarge account using the Google Authentication system.

Integrated Data

Create maps by importing and using your company's data or use the MapLarge Data Package tool to find datasets and build data packages specific to your business use-case. Demographics, traffic counts, drive time, and many other types of datasets are available. Combine your data with MapLarge datasets to improve business intelligence and analytic insight.

MapLarge Maps

MapLarge offers a wide spectrum of map types. With the Quick Map Wizard users can select data, choose a map type, and style data in only a few steps. The Advanced Map Editor allows for more advanced styling and full access to the configuration JSON.
Map Types
Point in Poly
Thematic Shaded
Sized Circles
Logical Network
Annotate Editable

Migrating Data to MapLarge

MapLarge offers robust importing tools that can handle extremely large datasets. Import billions of records per second and quickly have your data ready for visualization and analysis.

MapLarge has also developed a proprietary import method, exposed through the API that allows users to authenticate with Google and transfer data from Google Maps Engine to MapLarge. Simply select the tables you would like to migrate and enter your API keys - the rest is handled by MapLarge.

Making the Move to MapLarge

MapLarge is excited to help your business or agency make the transition from Google Maps Engine to MapLarge. We are confident all your requirements will be met and greatly exceeded. Migration to MapLarge means experiencing unprecedented speeds, intelligent map creation, and impressive data visualization. Our on-staff experts are available to answer questions and walk you through migrating your projects to MapLarge.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the MapLarge Family!